Monday, August 22, 2016

My Granddaughters Gifts

Purple is a color that is not abundant in nature, while there are several different flowers and even some purple leaves it's not a common color. I think this is a a shame as purple is one of my favorite colors (and is forth most popular in the world) and I try to incorporate purple into everything I make.

For instance when my granddaughter announced she was having a baby girl I decided to make some gifts and my first idea was to knit a sweater. Naturally I wished to make it in some shade of purple, I finally found the most gorgeous lavender, very light and perfect for a baby.

When it was finished I added some tiny white buttons which I thought looked adorable and finished it off quite well.

My next project was a dress, I chose to crochet instead of knit this time. When it came to the color I went with white wool that had tiny flecks of silver in it. The dress was rather complicated and took a little longer than anticipated but when I was finally finished making it and threaded some deep purple ribbon through the waist and made a bow I thought it looked amazing.

The last item on my list for the baby was a crib blanket, crocheted in small squares and for this I chose white, a medium purple and a sunny yellow, when all the squares were finished I sewed them together and then went around the entire blanket with a couple of rows. I believe this gives the blanket a more professional finish.

When the baby is born I will give my granddaughter the gifts and hope she like them as much as I enjoyed making them.

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