Sunday, October 2, 2016

My Purple-Laced Roll Away Bed Covers

This project I have been working on for a long time.

It has taken months of labor to sew all the frills and lace onto the sheets, pillow covers, blankets and duvets on this roll away bed. My fingers are numb!

I started this as a gift to my newly arriving grand-daughter that I previously made this sweater for. I wanted something (purple of course) that would last a long time. Little did I know how much effort I'd put in! I just wanted some blankets and trim for the crib, but instead bought a roll away bed (this model, reviewed here) and did it up real fancy.

Why did I over-do it? I couldn't stop. My passion got the better of me and I made this the greatest bed set ever created for a roll away bed!

Why did I choose this particular model? Well, they don't have much room in their place. They rent a basement suite for the time being, and with the crib, change table and all the other baby stuff, there just isn't enough room for a full bed! So, I researched and purchased a very comfortable and sturdy roll away bed so they can easily store it while the baby grows into it.

All together, I sewed the lacey trim onto pillows, a sheet, the bed spread, and the skirting. It was an amazing job, even though it took what seemed forever. The cost was nearly 200 dollars for the purple trim and lace alone, and the roll away bed was also pretty costly.

No price is too much for my family! I'd spend the money and do it all again in a heartbeat! Of course, I know I promised a tutorial for all of this. I'm writing it now, despite my sore fingers. Look for it soon!

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